Understanding the New Facebook News Feed Feature

Extra, extra read all about! These words were shouted on street corners for decades. When the news papers hit stands people’s attentions were grabbed by faithful news providers, headlines, and over the top pictures. As people went to work they grabbed the paper to find out what was happening in their town and around the globe.

Now the streets aren’t quite filled with the Punwow same noise. Blaring traffic, construction, and more wouldn’t allow people to hear the faithful cry. Although millions of papers are still sold daily, there is no doubt that circulation is down. No longer does everyone count on their local paper to provide them cutting edge news.

With 100’s of millions of people checking Facebook daily many are getting their news differently. As they login, their home page is labeled “news feed”. Some of the information is simply what is happening to their friends; however, it could be information about your business. It could be your compelling offer if you can just strike the right message to land in this HIGH traffic location.

The challenge is how to land in the news feed. You can’t buy your way into it (at least not yet). Getting in the news feed can bring a flood of traffic to your business as long as what you are releasing is newsworthy. Consider the following tips to get traffic, leads, and sales from the news feed.


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