Tips and Tricks for Air Track

Air track is a useful product offered by Kameymall brand. Air track can last longer if you follow the following tips and tricks.

  • It can be considered as a bouncy floor and used for cheerleading, trucking, gymnastics, and parkour in all type of flips and jumps.
  • It provides bounces with maximum air pressure. By lowering the air pressure, it provides more softer feel but less flexible flips and stunts.
  • It is used to soften the landing of a gymnast but the main thing is that you should know how to avoid injuries if the safe landing do not occurs correctly.
  • You should consider the fact that an air track was not only designed for long jump landing and flipping. So try to avoid high jumps on air track as it can cause injuries.
  • The air track is a great product for tricking training and parkour training. You can practice new skills and polish your previously learned skills.
  • The air track mats are safe and superior to use for cheerleaders and gymnasts. With air track, they can practice tricks and stunts. If you are a trainer, you can start training whatever you like, and wherever you want.

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