The Freelance Job Switch – How to Become a Freelancer

Many professionals are making the transition from traditional 9AM-5PM jobs to freelance jobs that allow them to work on their own schedule, pace, and location. The trend is attributed to the market’s abundance of freelance jobs, which translates to a high demand for web workers. Working from home is also a dream come true for many professionals who are tired of working for impossible bosses, dealing with daily office dramas, and commuting to work. Freelancing is a viable option for anyone seeking freedom from the responsibilities of a traditional job.

Now, the question is, if freelancing is so ideal, why can’t we all consider working from home? The answer is simple: just like traditional jobs, freelance jobs have their own set of requirements that we must meet. This guide on how to become a freelancer explains these requirements and provides advice on how to meet them. Continue reading.

You have to have a set of marketable skills

The first requirement for becoming a freelancer is that you have a set of marketable skills. You wouldn’t be able to meet the demands of today’s freelance jobs if you didn’t have any valuable skills to offer. To do business on the Web, you can be either technical (good at design) or creative (a writer). Don’t worry; most of these skills can be learned in school or through your profession.

You have to have excellent communication skills

Most employers consider excellent communication skills to be a non-negotiable requirement. Working on the web is difficult enough due to technical communication barriers (typos, VOIP call connection issues) – heavy accents and grammatically incorrect English are obviously no longer acceptable. If you want to work as a freelancer, you should start practicing your English right away.

You have to have initiative

Most freelance jobs require you to be self-motivated. Working from home means you won’t have a boss to train or teach you. To become a freelancer, you must be able to think on your feet.

You have to have marketing skills

In addition to having initiative, you must be able to create some sort of marketing plan for your services. This will assist you in finding freelance jobs that will provide you with a consistent source of income. To become a freelancer, you must be able to sell yourself to clients because no one else will.

You have to be business minded

Freelancing jobbing is a business, and you should treat it as such. Working from home is not an excuse to avoid working or paying taxes. You must be responsible and disciplined enough to handle the freedom that freelancing provides. To be a freelancer, you must be business-minded; otherwise, freelance jobs will be out of reach sooner than you think.

Finally, in order to become a freelance, you must believe in yourself and be willing to put in the effort. Preparation and groundwork are required. Doing it correctly the first time will ensure you hires for freelance jobs and, eventually, success.

As a freelancer, you will occasionally be required to send a fax. You don’t need to buy a fax machine or go to a print shop. Fax Zero is a great freelance resource. They are a company that provides a free fax service that you can use to send documents to companies and clients who require a signed document. This service is undeniably valuable to many freelancers. How many times has a freelancer had to take time out of their busy day to run to a print shop to send a fax? It’s simply not worth the trouble when you have a service like Fax Zero.

Google is currently one of the best freelance resources, but Zoho may be slightly better at the moment. They provide services that Google does not yet provide. These include, to name a few, online invoicing, project management software, and presentation software. Their services are not free, but they are very inexpensive, costing only $12 per month. That is a reasonable price for everything they offer a freelancer. When you sign up for Zoho’s services, you will also receive a customizable wiki. That tool could be a very useful feature for your company.

Don’t forget about taxes. Taxes can be very confusing for many people who decide to work as freelancers. Nothing beats a helpful resource for putting everything together. TurboTax provides free calculators to help you better understand your tax situation. It will give you an idea of how much of your earnings must be set aside for tax purposes. You don’t want tax season to arrive and you realize you haven’t been saving the money you owe in taxes. With TurboTax’s free calculator, you can ensure that you are fully prepared to file your taxes as a freelancer.

You now have some excellent resources to assist you on your journey. Many people decide to start freelancing but fail due to a lack of resources and assistance. They may have the necessary talent but lack the necessary guidance to succeed. With the right resources, you can avoid many of the issues that hold back many freelancers. You have answers before you even consider asking the questions. You also have tools to help you run your business more efficiently. There is no reason why anyone who is serious about getting ahead would not make use of these resources.

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