The Evolution of Hacking: A Spotlight on’s Role in Cybersecurity

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In recent weeks, a shocking surge in stolen credit card purchases of highly coveted Sony PS5 consoles has taken the gaming world by storm. And behind this profitable yet illegal hacking forum trend lies a notorious online carding forum that has become the breeding ground for cybercriminals –

A Notable Carder Displaying his carding skills on a PS5 on

It used to be called Crime-Network before shutting down and reopening with the some moderator staff from the legendary Crime Network Forum as a more organized hacking and carding forum. The notoriety of the founding staff instated trust between the online criminals to trade efficiently hacking and carding tools and services. Plus the fact that all older member accounts are still available on the new forum. But many older threads have been deleted because the knowledge was outdated in their opinion.

This illustrates the presence of a complete criminal economy online that completely escapes from the eyes of the authorities.

At Vice News, we have been meticulously investigating the underbelly of the gaming black market, where stolen credit card information is being used to buy and sell PS5 consoles. Our findings have led us to uncover the dark nexus between the thriving carding operations and the infamous forum. has emerged as a highly active and influential hub for cybercriminals, providing them with a platform to share stolen credit card details, exchange hacking techniques, and orchestrate fraudulent transactions. This online community has become the epicenter of the carding phenomenon, fueling the surge in stolen credit card purchases of PS5 consoles.

Through our in-depth research, we have unearthed a disturbing trend that showcases how members satisfy the demand of gamers eager to own a PS5 by utilizing stolen credit card information to make purchases. These ill-gotten consoles are then sold on various online marketplaces and social media platforms at deflated prices, leaving unsuspecting sellers, legitimate buyers and credit card owners caught in the crossfire with the insurance.

The sellers seem to be making a good amount of money as we can see on their escrow balance.

A Banking access vendor on who netted 160k in sales

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