Review Car Ferrari Roma 2023

Ferrari is known for producing some of the most iconic and sought-after sports cars in the world. Their latest release, the Ferrari Roma 2023, is no exception. This new model combines the classic beauty of a grand tourer with the latest in technology and performance to deliver a truly exceptional driving experience. In this article, we’ll review the Ferrari Roma 2023, covering everything from its design to its performance and handling.


The Ferrari Roma 2023 is a stunning example of Italian design at its finest. It’s a two-seater coupe that combines the elegance and refinement of a grand tourer with the aggressive styling of a sports car. From the front, the Roma’s sleek lines and wide stance are instantly recognizable as a Ferrari. The distinctive grille and slim LED headlights give it an unmistakable presence on the road.

Moving to the side, the long hood and short overhangs give the Roma a sense of forward motion even when it’s standing still. The curved roofline flows seamlessly into the rear of the car, which features a subtle ducktail spoiler and slim LED taillights. The Roma’s overall proportions are perfectly balanced, making it a joy to look at from any angle.

Inside, the Ferrari Roma 2023 is just as beautiful as it is on the outside. The interior is a combination of leather, carbon fiber, and metal accents, all crafted to the highest standards of Italian craftsmanship. The driving position is low and sporty, with all of the controls within easy reach. The dashboard features a digital display and a central touchscreen, which controls everything from the infotainment system to the climate control. Overall, the interior of the Roma is both luxurious and functional, making it the perfect place to spend a long drive.


Of course, the real star of the Ferrari Roma 2023 is its performance. Under the hood, it’s powered by a twin-turbocharged 3.9-liter V8 engine, which produces an impressive 612 horsepower and 561 lb-ft of torque. This engine is paired with an eight-speed automatic transmission, which sends power to the rear wheels. With this setup, the Roma can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.3 seconds and reach a top speed of 199 mph. Highly recommended to use car covers when you’re driving Ferrari Roma, It will help you to protect your car from looking like new, and from everyday accidents such as scratches or brought by children.

But the Roma is more than just a straight-line rocket. It also features a range of advanced performance technologies to help it handle like a true sports car. These include an adaptive suspension system, electronic rear-wheel steering, and a variable torque management system. These systems work together to provide a responsive and engaging driving experience, whether you’re carving through a winding mountain road or cruising on the highway.


One of the most impressive things about the Ferrari Roma 2023 is its handling. Despite its grand tourer roots, it handles like a true sports car. The steering is precise and communicative, providing plenty of feedback to the driver. The suspension is firm but not harsh, allowing the Roma to glide over bumps and imperfections in the road. And with its advanced performance technologies, the Roma can tackle corners with ease, staying planted and stable even at high speeds.


In conclusion, the Ferrari Roma 2023 is an exceptional sports car that combines classic grand tourer styling with cutting-edge technology and performance. Its beautiful design is matched by its powerful engine and advanced handling capabilities, making it a joy to drive whether you’re out for a weekend cruise or pushing it to the limit on the track. While it’s certainly not the most practical car on the market, it’s hard to argue with the sheer excitement and passion that the Roma brings to the table. If you’re in the market for a high-performance sports car that’s as beautiful as it is exhilarating.

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