Playing Video Games With a Wireless Controller

Remember the old days when you and a friend used to challenge each other to video game battles, yet would get the controller wires all tangled up in the process? If you own an Xbox 360 game console, then those days can be over is you purchase an Xbox 360 Wireless Controller.

Thanks to new, optimized technology, with just two 433 mhz remote control AA batteries you can play games on your Xbox 360 Wireless Controller up to 30 feet away from the console. Also, it allows to play games for up to 40 hours before the batteries will need to be recharged.

On this controller, there is a button that allows you power you console or off. The button also allows you to access your media and games, and keep track of other gaming friends.

It also has vibration feedback that can be adjusted, thus providing you with a longer life for your batteries. You may also notice it has a port for an integrated headset.

To connect your controller to your Xbox game console, turn on the controller by pressing the Xbox Guide button. Next, turn on your console by pressing the console’s power button.

The next step is to turn on the console’s connect button, and to then press the controller’s connect button. The Ring of Light on the controller and the console should flash and spin once, and after this happens, that indicates that the controller is now connected to the console.

It should be noted that when you turn your console off, that does not disconnect the controller from the console. Thus, the next time you turn the console on, the controller will be ready. Up to four controllers, whether they are wireless or not, can be connected to the console at the same time.

Additionally, you only have to connect your new Wireless gadget to you game console once. However, if you choose to connect it to another console, you will lose your connection to the other console.

You can purchase an Xbox 360 Wireless Controller at you local video game supply store, or on the internet. Yes, the days might be gone when you had to get the knots out of your controller wires. However, the days in which you can challenge your friends to video game battles are certainly not gone.


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