Paint Protection 101: Is Paint Protection Film Worth It?

Next, carefully roll the film onto the car, making sure the film is rolled toward the car’s back. After taking the necessary measurements and deciding where to place each film piece, carefully cut each piece to fit each application area. Cleaning the car’s surface is an important step before installing the film. The urethane clear film is highly resistant to acidic contaminants and corrosion, providing protection against bug splatter, bird droppings, mineral deposits, acid rain, and more.

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A clear, thin vinyl film called paint protection film is put on the outside of your automobile to shield it from swirl marks, bird droppings, tree sap, and tiny scratches. It has an acrylic-based adhesive, providing moderate stickiness and easy repositioning when installing paint protection film. The manufacturer estimates its outdoor durability to be approximately 4-7 years and up to 10 years when used indoors.

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When placed next to a run-of-the-mill roll of vinyl wrap, it becomes apparent that PPF is a far thinner, and far more lightweight alternative. Over time, 3M began to refine and re-engineer this revolutionary military protective film for use in the civilian sector. However, it literally took decades for PPF to evolve into the high-quality thermoplastic urethane film of today, and almost as long to catch on in regard to popularity. Before long, the U.S. military was presented with what appeared to be a solid solution to its chopper problem.

The Best Paint Protection Film Available: LLumar

However, their cost can be prohibitive for cheaper cars and lower budgets. Paint protection film is not a DIY product – you have to have it professionally installed. However, vinyl wrap offers only marginal protection when it comes to scratches, rock chips, and scrapes. It’s thinner and relatively brittle, with very little shear strength. On the bottom is a release liner that protects the other layers and keeps them clean up until installation.

Improper installation can lead to bubbles, creases, and an overall unsatisfactory appearance. By choosing a trusted brand like XPEL and having the film installed by a certified installer, you can minimize the risk of subpar results and false beliefs about the capabilities of this service. Read more about Lackschutzfolierung Auto here. At Authentic Details, it is crucial to us that we stand by your side throughout the whole car paint protection procedure. Avoid using solvents, abrasives, and pressure washers, and make sure to check for any signs of damage on a regular basis. These easy actions might assist in ensuring that the ceramic coating on your car’s paint remains excellent.

A decontamination wash once or twice a year will increase the longevity of your coating and paint protection film. Regardless, you want to at least understand the wrapping process so that you can make better decisions about who is installing your paint protection film and whether the price you’re paying is justified. On partially-wrapped daily driven vehicles, you can substitute the traditional liquid ceramic coating for a Ceramic Spray coating that you can install yourself.

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