How to Sharpen Scissors 4 Tips for a Sharp Pair of Scissors

Continue honing while staying on the outside edge of the wheel and don’t forget to cut the burr off when finished. At this point I decided I could work with this position. The knife the next time should line right up with maybe only a little tiny adjustment needed. You can’t always get every where along the bevel just perfect. Sometimes the ink is removed a little below the knife tip’s bevel. I prefer a clamping position where the ink is removed from just at or below the bevel. As you sharpen the knife you remove steel while the grind pattern grows down lower on the blade.

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I have a Darex TR70 tap, countersink and reamer sharpener, but I think they stopped making them years ago. I think you can still get a new SRD/TDR 82-R sharpener that does reamers, endmills and drill bits. Both the TDR and the Darex were very expensive when bought new. Do a quick scratch test on the honing wheel at the throat and the tip to make sure that the polish covers the entire bevel. If so, continue with the honing process and remember to be careful with the curve of the blade and to stay away from the inside edge of the honing wheel. Once you have the honing burr, remove the scissor and cut the burr off. When clamping the other blade, don’t forget to scratch test at the throat and tip to make sure the polish covers the bevel.

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How to Sharpen Any Pair of Dull Scissors

Probably the best cutter grinder around for regrinding flutes is a Christen AU150. Your reamers will then only need to cut aluminium and should last forever.

Yes, you can use a power tool to sharpen your electric hedge trimmers. Remember to use the proper size of sharpening stone on your power tool. What’s more, use the sharpening device on a low- to medium-speed setting. Avoid going at higher speeds as this may grind away too much material from the hedge trimmer blades. Don’t forget to use safety gloves and goggles, and grind each tooth at the same angle of the bevel. For small shears like pruners, it’s best to sharpen them to a keen edge.

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