How to Get More YouTube Views

When you have worked hard on your video content, it is frustrating when it doesn’t

show up in search results. But, there are ways to get the views you want.

YouTube has prioritized watch time as their main performance metric, so your

content benefits when users stay engaged. This can be done with a variety of




Marketers, small businesses, and amateur vloggers have long been trying to figure

out how to get more views on YouTube. Some channels have exploded with viral

videos that generate millions of views in mere days, but others seem to struggle to

make an impact on the second largest search engine.

To start, it’s important to understand how YouTube ranks content. A video’s title,

description, and tags are all considered when a search is conducted. Using keywords

in these areas can help a video appear higher in search results.


When creating video titles and descriptions, use Google’s nifty free tool to research

relevant keywords for your video. This will help you determine the best keywords to

target and what phrases your audience is searching for. Then, include those phrases

in your video’s title and description. This will help YouTube find your video and rank

it for the right search terms.


Audience Engagement

Getting more YouTube views is one of the top goals for many content marketers.

And while it’s true that you need to focus on creating quality videos and attracting

new viewers, there are also some other tactics you can use to increase engagement.

For example, using a custom thumbnail helps attract attention and shows viewers

what they’re in for when they click on your video. And adding a video description

that is aligned with your keywords will boost search visibility and help you rank

higher in YouTube’s algorithm.


Another tactic is to add YouTube cards, which are banner-esque notifications that

direct viewers to other relevant videos. For example, if a viewer likes a Winslow

School of Ballet video, they can click on the card to see more related content. This

creates a viewing loop that keeps people on YouTube longer. This is important

because YouTube’s algorithm rewards videos with higher watch time and more

people choosing to subscribe to the channel.


Social Media

The best YouTube views come from a combination of quality content and smart

optimizations. Whether it’s updating video titles to target keywords or creating

custom thumbnails, these simple tactics can have a big impact on your channel’s

organic performance.

Another easy way to get more YouTube views is by leveraging social media. Live

streams and Q&A sessions are a great way to engage with your audience and

encourage them to share your videos.For more info, do visit this websitetopsmm.


Finally, don’t forget to ask viewers to subscribe at the end of your videos. This will

help them stay in the loop when you release new videos.

It’s no secret that search engines consider factors like authority, viewer satisfaction,

and personalization when ranking YouTube videos. Luckily, it’s pretty easy to

optimize your videos for these factors. Just make sure to focus on quality and

relevance, and you’ll see your YouTube views grow! The key to success on YouTube

is understanding your ideal customer’s needs and challenges. Then, you can create

videos that meet those needs and attract new customers.



Just like with any other search engine, YouTube uses SEO to rank videos in relevant

searches. This means that videos with a good title, description, and tags will rank

higher than ones without.

Keywords are a big part of this, as well. You can put keywords in your video title and

description, but it’s important to use them naturally. If your keywords are too

obvious, it can seem unnatural and hurt your rankings.


YouTube also prioritizes videos that keep viewers on its platform. That’s why videos

that end with a call to action, such as subscribing to your channel or visiting your

website, are so effective.


Additionally, YouTube takes into account the length of a viewer’s session and how

many other videos they watch in that session. So, if you can increase your session

watch time and grow your number of unique viewers, it will help you rank better in

YouTube searches. You can see this data in YouTube Insights, which is included with


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