Gun Cleaning Guide – Cleaning a Shotgun, Rifle Or Handgun Like a Pro!

Step 1

Clean your gun’s bore using the appropriate dimension Phosphor bronze brush. You can also apply Bor-Solv the most powerful bore solvent. It will get rid of all residue and fouling from the powder. Sometimes, it is possible to use a Bristle brush is preferred because it is made from natural hair, it’s hydrophilic. This can help the brush to retain more of its bore solvent chemical, and last for a longer time. In some instances, bristle brushes can be superior to an bronze brush that is phosphor. This technique however, is more widely used in Europe gun cleaning kit.

Step 2

After scrubbering out, use both sides of the Herringbone 4″x 2-” patch, place it in the Split Brass or Nylon jag. This will eliminate all polluted solvent. The split jag can be used by inserting a patch halfway and then longitudinally into the gap and then turning the patch with your hands in the direction that you are planning in order to secure the patch. You can turn the rod during the direction you want to use it. Make sure to check the chamber before cleaning it and if you find dust residue on the forcing cone, use a Chamber brush that includes an Payne Galway chamber brush to clean up any residue.

Step 3

The next step is to oil the gun bores with a mop that is clean and liberally applied Rangoon oil. Rangoon being a strong and slow-evaporating, oil allows the gun bore to be put away for longer than normal. Sometimes, you should wash the mop’s wool using mild soapy water. Try using turps or paraffin when the mop is extremely filthy. After that, when the mop is dry , soak it the mop in fresh Rangoon oil. We recommend keeping the mop in a clean polythene sleeve, or another similar container.

Step 4

When storing your gun , do not forget to relieve the tension on the springs that are the primary ones by fitting an appropriate couple of Snap caps before dry firing the gun. After that, if you have installed an Muzzle stuffer, this using the snap caps still in place not only hold the vapour of oil inside your barrels, it also keep dirt from getting in and also protect the barrel’s ends against damage to the gun cabinet.

Step 5

Prior to firing the gun again, it is crucial to get rid of any traces of oil. Any remaining oil although small could severely impede the barrel’s walls because of the hydraulic conversion. Clean up any excess oil using the use of a patch, and then jag turn the patch until it’s free of dirt. Always inspect the chamber prior to firing and , if there is dust around the cone of forcing, clean it using a chamberbrush. We suggest that you not push the use of a Payne Galway type chamber brush into the barrel because the brush may eventually break and cause damage to the gun.

Tips and Final Word…

Cleaning a rifle or pistol, follow the same method as shotguns. However, replace the split brass jag with the Diamond jag, and then switch the your patch back to the natural flannel Rifle patch. For the diamond jag, put the jag in a diagonal fashion across the patch towards the top and then rotate it until the patch is been fully wound all around it. If the jag you have patched is too large to fit inside the bore Unroll a portion from the area at a given time, cut and then rewind it until the proper interference diameter is achieved. After cleaning, continue changing each patch till the final patch that is removed is completely clear.

We would also like to offer this helpful advice. Don’t be enticed to purchase the collection of Gunmakers Turnscrews only if you can be certain that the Turnscrew blade has been precisely milled to the exact dimensions of the slot on your gun screw, and that the tool steel has been properly hardened. Gun screws with engravings are extremely expensive to repair . The improperly sized blade may quickly break off from the screw that is in question. It can harm the gun screw, or the finish of the gun. In certain instances, injury to the person using the gun could happen. If you are unsure always ask you gun dealer for advise. If you are required to utilize a turn screw on your gun , ensure sure it’s from a reputable maker and not cheap and poor quality import.




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