Does the opinion of everyone count? A Top 10 List of Fashion Blogs

On over the World Wide Web, there is an ever-growing flow of information flowing through the internet. This includes the latest trend of fashion blogging. There are currently hundreds of fashion blogs being developed every day as well as million already-created websites. With such a huge amount of people expressing their opinions about fashion, how do you stop scrolling through useless fashion blogs? Are there ways to distinguish good blogs from useless ones? This list of the top five fashion blogs offers insights into the standards that can be used to determine the blogs that are worthy of your attention.

Fashion blogs are evaluated on a scale of 10 points in four categories: (1) clarity of thought, (2) timeliness, (3) importance and (4) quality of opinions. lifestyle blog

Style Blog of File:

Total Score Total Score: 28 is the primary source and website the people who want to get the latest fashion information, news as well as photos from seasonal runway shows. The renown website also has a blog sitecalled Style File, where writers can share their thoughts on different areas of the fashion industry in an informal and casual setting. Although there are many writers on Style File, the writing style and style of the blog is distinctive and unique with respect to’s website.

1.) The clarity of thinking: 6.5. It’s good. It is possible to browse through it, but certain posts can be quite long. Some entries could be difficult to comprehend even if you do not have a good understanding of Fashion, for instance Sophia Hesketh and Byrdie Bell.

2.) Timeliness: 8.5. The blog appears to lack consistency. There will be 5-6 entries within a day, then go for three days with no new entries followed by 5-6 posts. It is likely because the majority of people don’t work during the weekend. On the other hand the blog does publish less frequently than the typical blog however, for a blog located on a site of significant magnitude and importance you’d expect it should.

3.) Relevance: 7. I don’t believe this blog provides news that is significant or that is particularly fascinating. It is trying to draw inspiration from trends from outside the US that could be interesting however it fails to pay enough attention to the style of the United States. The articles tend to diverge from American fashionand focus more on foreign fashions. Over the last few days, there were more than five articles focusing on Moscow fashions alone. This is totally unnecessary. The information can also be boring at times.

4.) Grad of Opinion 6. While it is true that it offers information, the writers don’t blog to formulate their own opinions. They simply blog to provide a platform where viewers can share their own thoughts and insights. Writers tend to post things they believe to be accurate, for instance,”the “Prep School Blazer fashion is fashionable,” yet it still allows for discussion by asking the viewers if they agree with the writer or what their opinions are. The writer’s opinion appear inconsistent and weak. The blog could be improved when the authors were more firmly in their perspective in their criticism. It’s not necessary to ask the reader if they agree or not, as readers will share their or her opinion anyway.

Hint Magazine blog:

Hint Magazine is an online fashion magazine which features articles and stories that cover a broad range of subjects, including dance, music, art and obviously fashion. Hint Magazine also has a blog that allows for informal discussions on diverse areas of interest which cater to more individual fashions and is usually funny and enjoyable to read.

Total Score 30

1.) Clarity of thought: 8. The blog is simple to read and comprehend. The blog is presented in a modern way that appeals to a newer audience. There isn’t a lot of text within each post in comparison with the Style File blog, and instead, they have a variety of photos and videos that are included with the posts. It makes it appear easier to navigate and is crucial in the current fast-paced world of tweeting.

2.) Timeliness: 6. In an age in which bloggers upload new content daily, at least a dozen times the blog is only able to post about one or two postings per day. To maintain the blog’s popularity with readers continuously checking in, it’s essential that there are several posts in a short time for visitors to revisit.

3.) Relevance: 7. While Style File’s was primarily focused on fashion and the New York fashion world, this blog appears to lean slightly towards the left of that direction. The content posted appears to focus on a younger crowd by showcasing a variety of unheard-of artists, writers and designers. I also noticed that it is known to publish a large amount about Brazilian designers and artists. I’m not certain whether there is a link between writers or Brazil in order to be doing such a thing, but regardless it’s a bit incongruous with the way they balance foreign issues. Certain articles are insignificant and have no value to me however, for those who like studying marble urinals in galleries as well as gay-porn award ceremonies, this blog is the site. If you’re one of the readers who like this blog, have fun by letting them know about your opinions, as they’ve disabled the ability to comment on the blog.

4.) Grade of Opinion 9. The writers on this blog appear to be enjoying writing about the topics they are writing about. Although news content can be dull and boring sometimes the blog attempts to communicate their thoughts in a lighthearted and fun manner. Although not all the content is PG however, I enjoyed the reading experience, even if I wasn’t particularly interested in the content they were writing about.

Fashion Tribes:

Fashion Tribes is a popular choice for those who are proficient in various aspects of fashion, including fashion trends, beauty and accessories. The readers are usually acquainted with the latest trends and information about the latest trends the world of fashion. Combining elements from various aspects of fashion like ads, magazines, and events the website is robust and well-rounded.

Total Score 30

1.) Clarity of thought 9. The blog is broken down into shorter paragraphs making it user-friendly. If you’re exhausted from reading but still want to know more about the subject, it permits you to read further after the jump. This eliminates any writing clutter, and also opens to more simple to read photos and videos. There are plenty of great photos and examples, making the articles look interesting and enjoyable to read.

2.) Timeliness: 6. A website that is known throughout the world in the form of one of the top-rated fashion blogs, one may think that there will be a lot more blog entries however, I was shocked to discover that the blog only updates 3-4 times each week. While there are plenty of posts every day however, the blog doesn’t allow users to browse older posts as there isn’t a feature to backlog. This is really disappointing for those who want to read on for the duration of the blog but aren’t able to do so.

3.) Relevance: 9. I really enjoyed the articles on this blog and believed that it was full of useful, valuable information. It includes a variety of information about new websites that are coming into fashion, and also details about the latest spring beauty regimens, as well as giveaways for free, which everyone enjoys. Given the variety of topics in this site, I believe that it’s a great resource for the everyday shopaholic.

4.) Grade of Opinion 6. There’s not much any criticism on any articles published. When you are creating blogs it is normal to write about things you enjoy and keeping that in mind you know exactly what the authors of this blog would like to write about. That is why I awarded the blog a higher score because it writes about items assuming the things they like or find enjoyable and without being able to form an opinion on them.

Do Your Best:

Combine Hollywood fashion with the Perez Hilton sense of humor You have the go-to for”Go Fug Yourself. It is known for its funny and uncanny sense of humor and its witty commentary, no celebrity is in the shadows or unnoticed. This blog is perhaps one of the most entertaining fashion critique blogs amid the sea of fashion blogs that are available on the internet However I’m completely biased because these authors are exactly what I’m looking for. This blog isn’t for anyone.

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