Data Denial and Business Intelligence – How to Achieve Data Quality

Why is it important for your business enterprise to comply with the Data safety Act?

The Data Protection Act 1998 (“DPA”), lays down eight records safety concepts that any agency processing statistics of individuals have to comply with.

What does the DPA cover?

The DPA came into pressure on 1 March 2000. The DPA implemented the European Union (“EU”) Directive on statistics safety into UK regulation introducing radical changes to the enterprise backup manner wherein non-public data concerning identifiable residing people can be used. The consistent want for organizations to process personal information manner that the DPA affects upon most organisations, regardless of length. Furthermore, the public’s growing awareness in their right to privateness manner that statistics safety will continue to be an crucial trouble.

The DPA makes a distinction between non-public statistics and personal sensitive records. Personal records consists of personal statistics referring to employees, customers, commercial enterprise contacts and providers. Sensitive statistics covers an man or woman’s ethnic starting place, clinical conditions, sexual orientation and eligibility to paintings within the UK . The information protection principles set out the standards which an organisation must meet whilst processing personal statistics. These concepts follow to the processing of all non-public information, whether the ones statistics are processed routinely or stored in based manual files.

What is information?

Data means information that is processed via pc or different automatic device, inclusive of phrase processors, databases and spreadsheet files, or statistics that is recorded on paper with the purpose of being processed later through pc; or information which is recorded as part of a guide filing machine, where the files are dependent consistent with the names of individuals or other characteristics, along with payroll number, and where the documents have enough internal shape in order that precise information about a specific man or woman may be observed without problems.

What are the eight facts safety ideas?

The 8 data protection ideas are as follows:

Personal data should be processed fairly and lawfully

Personal statistics need to be obtained only for precise and lawful purposes and have to not be processed further in any manner incompatible with those functions

Personal statistics ought to be ok, applicable and no longer immoderate on the subject of the functions for which they had been accumulated

Personal information should be correct and, where necessary, stored updated

Personal data ought to not be saved longer than is necessary for the purposes for which they had been gathered

Personal information must be processed according with the rights of facts subjects

Personal statistics should be stored cozy against unauthorised or illegal
processing and against unintended loss, destruction or damage

Personal information have to not be transferred to international locations outdoor the European

Economic Area unless the u . S . Of destination affords an adequate level of facts safety for the ones records.

What data comprises private facts?

Personal data relates to information of dwelling individuals who may be recognized from those records, or from the ones information and different records that’s within the possession of the facts controller or that is probable to return into its possession for instance, names, addresses and home telephone numbers of personnel.

What facts comprises touchy records?

Personal Sensitive records (“touchy statistics “) include facts referring to a data subject’s (individuals):

racial or ethnic beginning;

political reviews;

spiritual beliefs or other comparable ideals;

exchange union membership;

bodily or intellectual health or circumstance;

sexual orientation;

commission or alleged fee of any offences; convictions or crook court cases regarding the data problem.

Convictions or crook proceedings involving the statistics problem.

What is the which means of processing under the DPA?

The definition of ‘processing’ is very wide. It covers any operation finished on the information and consists of, obtaining or recording data, the retrieval, consultation or use of statistics, the disclosure or otherwise making available of facts.

Who is a statistics controller?

A ‘records controller’ is any individual who (by myself or collectively with others) decides the functions for which, and the way wherein, the non-public statistics are processed. The information controller will therefore be the prison entity which physical games closing manipulate over the non-public statistics. Individual managers or employees are not information controllers.

The facts controller is liable for:

Personal information approximately identifiable living people

Deciding how and why non-public facts are processed

Information coping with – complying with the 8 records safety principles

Acquiring “information topics” consent for processing sensitive records

Existing approaches for managing sensitive or personal statistics

Security measures to safeguard private information


Who is a statistics processor?

A ‘information processor’ is a person or company who techniques the statistics on behalf of the information controller, but who isn’t an employee of the statistics controller.

Who is a statistics situation?

A ‘facts challenge’ is any residing man or woman who is the subject of private statistics. There are no age restrictions on who qualifies as a information situation, however the definition does not increase to folks who are deceased.

Are we required to notify? What does notification suggest?

An business enterprise have to now not technique any non-public statistics except it has first notified the Information Commissioner of sure details, such as:

the company’s name and cope with;

the purposes for which the data are to be processed;

any proposed recipients of the data;

countries outside the European Economic Area to which the data can be disclosed.

What is the meaning of a topic get right of entry to?

This is a request through an character to be granted get entry to to, and be supplied with a duplicate of, any private information which an company holds approximately him or her. This includes the right to be furnished with records approximately the functions for which the corporation approaches the ones private facts, the supply of the information, the identity of any man or woman to whom the facts have been disclosed and the logic at the back of any computerized decision making methods. A subject get right of entry to request is a request to be granted get right of entry to to, positive non-public information which an agency holds about an person. This consists of the proper to be supplied with information approximately:

the functions for which the organisation procedures the ones personal information
the source of the information, the identity of any individual to whom the statistics have been disclosed; and
the common sense behind any automatic selection making procedures
preventing processing that’s probably to purpose the facts subject damage or distress
preventing processing that’s taking vicinity for the purposes of direct advertising
objecting to automatic selections being taken approximately her or him (i.E. Decisions which do no longer have any human involvement);
Claiming reimbursement for any ‘damage’ or ‘damage and distress’ that is brought on to the records problem (or any other person) as a result of the Company’s breach of the DPA.
What is a information difficulty entitled to, if she or he makes a successful claim for compensation?

A facts problem is entitled to repayment and has the right to:

prevent processing that is in all likelihood to motive the information issue harm or misery;

prevent processing that’s taking area for the functions of direct advertising;

object to computerized decisions being taken about her or him (i.E. Selections which do no longer have any human involvement);

claim reimbursement for any damage or harm and misery which is precipitated to the records difficulty (or another man or woman) due to a company’s breach of the Act; and

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